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Sonera no Tervehdys!

sonera no


Sonera no more: Name change effective immediately | Yle Uutiset | The line of business of the company is general telecommunications operations, building and maintenance of telecommunications networks, and routing of telecommunications; provision of various telecommunications, data communications, Internet and value-added services; publications, content provision and information service business; electronic commerce; planning, development, manufacture, marketing and sales of terminal equipment, information systems, software, services and other products, and related research, consulting and maintenance operations, and other business related to them or supporting them. The company conducts its business either directly itself or through its subsidiaries or joint ventures. As the parent company sonera the Group companies, the company is responsible for the corporate administration. The company has the right to own shares and real property, trade in securities, and conduct other investment business. Uuni mikro yhdistelmä hinta registration authority has given permission for the. resta henkilöstöpalvelut oy

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